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Monday, April 8, 2013

Graffiti Spell Checker.

I'll start right off by telling you my latest attempt at entrepreneurial success wasn't one. I'm lying in a gutter right now, and pretty sure that every bone in my body is broken. From the future, it is pretty easy to identify my major mistake, but for prosperity sake, I will expound.

   Graffiti is a blight on our world. It's everywhere. But from what I can tell, the real tragedy is that these poor young people, (poor as in, to be pitied, not economically destitute, I don't want to assume they don't have money. I mean they might very well be doing very well for themselves.) can't spell. I set about to help. I hung out in an alley until some nee'er-do-wells with bad intentions and cans of spray paint happened by. And then I sprang out, to give them an impromptu spelling lesson.
   Without a doubt my biggest mistake was getting all my information about young ruffians, from Stand and Deliver, Lean On Me, Dangerous Minds and countless after-school specials. Turns out, gang bangers don't respond to tough love, nearly as well as those movies would leave you to believe.