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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Damn You Google, And Your Xenophobic Ways! Stop Persecuting My People.

How I'm sure my followers greet each new post on Hill Blocks View.
I'm famous! I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, but there is no doubt about it, I have arrived. How can I be so sure, you might ask. Have I been showered with wealth, or torched in a new Taylor Swift song? No, I would reply. I know that I am famous because of the literally tens of comments I receive every day proclaiming what a great and famous blogger I am. The great thing is I don't really have to write anything anymore; the accolades just pour in. Practically ever hour I am showered with the love of my adoring masses. And I love them all in return. But does Google, who provides me with my site, appreciate my fans as much as I do? They do not. As a matter of fact they are downright hostile to my Hill-ions. Just because my fans are foreigners with weird sounding names, Google deems them as second class citizens, condemning them to the digital rubbish heap. They even go so far as to classify them as SPAM and not allow them access to the comment sections of my blog.
How insulting! Everybody knows that SPAM is considered an inferior meat product. In labeling my faithful as SPAM they are in fact saying that they are not even real people. Completely unacceptable. Just because you have a weird sounding foreign name, like Habib, or Raul or Mike, you should not be discriminated against. I for one have had enough! So rise up and let your voices be heard! If your name is Realviag Raonline, or Attractn Ewfollowers, or Hotlocalho Okups, don't be ashamed! Comment away. And demand that Google suspends their discriminatory practice of labeling you "anonymous" and throwing you to the side. And thank you for telling me how awesome I am, and, why yes, I would love to learn how to growvegtablesinyourbathtub.net

Not a real site... I don't think. If it becomes one, perhaps I should get some royalties for my brain fruit. Speaking of brain fruit, I hereby officially trademark Hill-ions. And brain fruit. And blunking: the act of blogging while intoxicated. (Drunken+blogging) And anything that comes to your mind when you read that last bit, and think of something even funnier; that's mine too.