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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quik-E-Root Canal.

I think the key to making money, is to find a quicker way to do things. With all the convenience that this modern world has to offer, sometimes I am amazed that some things are still done in such an antiquated and outdated manner. For instance, the fact that you still have to go into the dentist to get a root canal is downright archaic.

   Now with the Quik-E-Root Canal app for your smart phone you can easily identify which tooth hurts. Then a few short minutes later you drive by our conveniently located office. It's as easy as hanging your head out the drivers window as you drive through the parking lot, where one of our lovely dental assistants will swing a precision crafted 16oz. framing hammer and gently caress the tooth from your face. Then simply open your mouth as wide as possible and I will fire a molar or bicuspid into your jaw with my 12 gauge dental shotgun. It's as easy as that. You're conveniently on your way without even bringing your car to a complete stop.

*Quik-E-Root Canal is not responsible if you flinch and lose teeth that were probably OK.
**Quik-E-Root Canal is not responsible if you wind up with a row of teeth in your forehead.
***Quik-E-Root Canal will be paid before services are rendered (Lord knows we never get paid afterwards).
****Patrons of  Quik-E-Root Canal customers waive all rights to sue Quik-E-Root Canal when they discover that their "dentist" didn't actually go to school; ANY school.
*****Quik-E-Root Canal uses only authentic mammal teeth. Quik-E-Root Canal is not responsible if chipmunk or rhinoceros teeth don't fit properly.