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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who Needs This Stupid Job Anyway?! Oh Wait, That Would Be Me.

I have been working at the same place for about six years now, and since the bottom dropped out of the economy several years ago, I haven't received a raise. So when my boss came to me with a proposition about a raise the other day, I first determined I wasn't being "propositioned about a raise" (wink, wink), and then told him I was interested. My boss told me that if I could work a couple of more hours a day he would see fit to make sure I had a couple of extra Jackson's in my paycheck at the end of the month. Now, I'm no idiot, so I told him if he made it several Jackson's, I would do it.
     Things have been going pretty good since I got my raise. I certainly have been sleeping better. When I get home at 10'ish I have a late dinner and then go straight to bed; 4:30 comes pretty early, and my bosses dogs aren't going to walk themselves. But, man that sixty dollars at the end of the month is really a Godsend. Well, it's closer to forty after that crazy cash tax my boss was telling me about. Still, that forty dollars goes a long ways to covering my monthly Hydrox budget. I know that if I work hard and stay with it; within a couple of years I will be able to start buying Oreos.

UPDATE: Apparently my boss reads my blog and he doesn't think I am, finger quote "funny" un-finger quote. (My boss likes finger quotes, sometimes he finger quotes things like "good morning" or "I'm sorry for your loss") So I don't have a finger quote "job" un-finger quote anymore. It's probably for the best, now I have time to dedicate myself fully to writing. And it is already paying the bills, why just last week I made a whole $1.47 with the ads on my blog.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: $1.47 every week doesn't pay the mortgage. My landlord told me if I don't come up with some money pronto, he is going to have the old homestead towed away. Luckily, my boss said that he would rehire me, we talked and I negotiated a new deal. Starting tomorrow, I get my old job back; I have to go back to the starting pay scale and he still needs me to work the extra hours, but at least I am doing something useful with my life again. Unlike when I thought I was a writer. Writing is for losers; what was I thinking?