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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Because I Don't Do What You Want, Is No Reason To Fire Me.

This is BS! First of all my boss fires me for some stupid made-up reasons, and now the unemployment office won't give me benefits because they claim the firing was justified. They must be in cahoots. It's probably some vast multi-wing conspiracy to keep me down. I had a meeting with my case worker and they totally took my old bosses side.

   I told the lady that one of the reasons my boss gave for firing me was that my uniform didn't conform to standards. How ridiculous is that? But, she claims that not wearing pants is unacceptable. Whatever. It only happened a handful of times.
   My boss said that one of the reasons he let me go was my comment in the employee suggestion box. I thought that the box was sacrosanct. All I asked is if they had considered, in the most theoretical way possible, maybe, killing some of our more troublesome clients. I was just kind of brainstorming cost cutting ideas. And now I'm being punished for that? Geez.

   My boss was upset that I took a lunch break. Well, he claims that he is upset that I showed up drunk for my afternoon appointments. Oh really? What is beer made out of? Grain and water. I was just getting sustenance, and that's no reason to fire somebody.
   I was not aware of the companies policy on not taking on side work. Everybody does it, that's how people make a little extra money to make ends meet. But all the sudden it's a federal crime to run an after hours underground fight club / speakeasy out of our company office? That seems a little nit-picky.

   They had equally nebulous excuses for denying the rest of my claims of unlawful firing. They turned trying to keep warm, into arson. Discussing politics, became assault and battery. Artwork appreciation, is all of a sudden, felony theft. They twisted everything I did, into me failing to meet their unreasonable expectations for employment.
   That's why this country is in the state it's in; because an honest, hard-working, God fearing, white guy gets fired for no reason at all.