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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ask A Theoretical Physicist.

My name is Dr. Reginald Eugene Harolds and I am the foremost authority in the field of Theoretical Physics. I am a Rhodes Scholar and a Fellow from MIT. I teach String Theory and Advanced Quantum Mechanics to the brightest students in the world, and I am known for making complex quantum theories accessible. The kind folks at HBV have provided me a forum that avails me the chance to answer your questions on how the universe works and why. I am giddy with anticipation; so please, ask away.

Dear Dr. Harolds,
If regular girls wear shirts that say, "HEY! My eyes are up there!", do strippers wear hats that say, "What are you looking at? My boobs are down there!"?
     -Curious in Detroit
Dear Curious: Uh, uhmm. Much like Higgs bosun, I cannot confirm the existence of these so called boobs, you speak of. But, if you strip an electron from a hydrogen atom, it is possible to create a particle beam weapon. I hope this helps.

Dear Dr. Harolds,
If you have ever been to a party on Halloween you have surely noticed that all the girls dress like strippers. Does that conversely mean, that strippers dress up like accountants and dental hygienists on Halloween?
     -Curious in Gross Pointe
Dear Curious: I don't know. I am an expert in Physics, not strippers! Does anybody have a Physics related question?

Dear Dr. Harolds,
According to to the prevailing thoughts on the string theory, there are infinite Earths with infinite possible histories.
     -Curious in Ann Arbor
Dear Curious: That is not a question. But, yes that is one theory.

Dear Dr. Harolds,
So you're saying that there is an Earth out there, populated entirely by strippers? 
     -Curious in Kalamazoo