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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Angel Of Deaf.

I haven't written much lately. I have been busy pursuing my alternate career. It came about, when I discovered an egregious hole in the musical universe. It sickens me to realize that in a world where you can find country rap or gay hardcore punk there is simply nothing for fans of death metal who also happen to be devoid of hearing. I set about to rectify this situation.

   I have been busy writing songs for the debut album of my new band Angel of Deaf. I have been designing the artwork and the layout for the CD. I have been working on band costumes and set pieces for the stage. I have been busy setting up tour dates and writing ridiculous riders for our concert contracts. And next week I go into the studio to finish up recording.
   I would tell you to order my CD, but it's crap. Completely unlistenable. It's worse than a flaming bag of cats playing disco on bagpipes. So, so bad. It will probably be against the Geneva Convention to even own a copy. But since my target demographic can't hear a thing, I didn't really put a premium on practice. Or working on the songs. Or even learning how to play our instruments. But we look great!