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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Missed Connections, A Sort Of Love Story.

Friday May 13th at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. I was in one line, you were in another. We made eye contact, you smiled and said hello. You hung around for awhile. Would love to get a cup of coffee or lunch or maybe a dinner or possibly even a brunch.

Me: tall male. You: attractive female.

Friday May 13th at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. You're an idiot, Rodney. I saw you too. I see you everyday. I "hung around" because I work there, and so do you. I can't help but making eye contact, we work five feet apart. 

Me: attractive female. You: a moron.

Friday May 13th at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. Oh, that explains a couple of things. I thought it was a little odd that you were wearing an apron just like mine. And you looked a little familiar. So how about that coffee?

Me: tall handsome co-worker. You: hot co-worker.

Everyday at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. We have coffee all the time, you knucklehead. For seven years we have had our breaks together. Often we are the only two people in the break room. We do the crossword together. 

Me: hot co-worker. You: terminally unobservant.

Apparently the last seven years at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. I do the crossword? Wow, I must be pretty smart. 

Me: smart hunky co-worker. You: crossword hottie.

The last unbearable seven, seems more like twenty, years at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. You aren't. You think "x-treme" is the answer to almost every clue. That isn't even how you spell extreme. 

Me: the smart one. You: extremely clueless.

The last seven X-TREME years at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. X-TREME is so a word. I saw it on the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour on FOX. It was totally X-TREME! I'm beginning to rethink this whole asking you out on a date thing. I think you're just a hater.  

Me: awesome to the X-TREME. You: just a hater.

An eternity of suffering at Grocer Sam's Neighborhood Market. Do you really think I was going to go out on a date with you? That is not going to happen. I swore after our second divorce that I wouldn't have anything else to do with you.

Where did you have in mind for brunch?
Me: codependant. You: strangely irresistible.