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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Phrases For The Next Edition Of The Oxford Dictionary.

Every year the Oxford dictionary adds several words or phrases into the official lexicon. This year it added Selfie. Turns out the actual definition is WAY different than what I thought it was. It doesn't involve your naughty bits at all. Speaking of, here are some other phrases/words that need to be added.

Self Abuse: This is what happens when a person with compulsion issues drives by a Volkswagen dealership and there is no one else in the car.

Friends With Benefits: A friend that gives you his tickets when he can't attend sporting events, hosts epic tailgate parties, always picks up the check at lunch, volunteers to be the designated driver, and always has your favorite beer in his fridge.

Sweater Puppies: Used to describe really awesome things. Because, ahhhhhh.

Note to self: The saying is Raked Over The Coals, and not Raped Over The Coals. Although my mistaken phrase is much more colorful, it is probably only applicable during prison riots and Viking pillages.