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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sorry. My Email Got Hacked.

For those of you that got an email from me today that was obviously a spam email, I am totally sorry. Some bastard hacked my Yahoo account and sent Raspberry Drops spam to all of my contacts. Hackers are such jerks. I feel so violated, kinda like a guy that dropped the soap in a prison movie. OK, not that bad, but it still sucked. It put me in a bad mood all day. But rest assured, I have not joined some freaky cult that thinks Raspberry Drops are the answer to all of mankind's ills. As a matter of fact I've never even tried the stu… ARGgggggggghhh

Please disregard that of which I myself was telling you moments before. It was untruth. I LOVE to consume Raspberry Drops with my mouth on my face. They are making my human mind and body relaxed and in a place of content. You should put them in your human face. It will fill your carbon based self with feelings of happy down in your abdomen. You will never more be worried of wars and driving your non-flying vehicles along with millions of other humanoids in a non winnable struggle of making Earth currency. Give Raspberry Drops to all the sentient beings you know. Place them in your genetic progeny's mid meal. Slip them into the drink of people who are trying to engage in primitive mating with you. You will be glad you listened to me, a satisfied authentic human Raspberry Drop user, and clearly not an alien occupying a meat bag trying to enslave Earth planet.