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Monday, November 14, 2011

Confessed Killer, Denies Trying To Destroy Evidence

Bunny doing what she loves best...
aside from the face stabbing.

Bunny "Facestabber" Esquivel-Lundqvist, who has been charged in the grisly murder of her lover, her other lover and the pizza guy (she was hungry), has apparently confessed to the killings. However Bunny has refused to accept a plea deal from the DA because the litany of charges include; "intent to destroy evidence and conceal the commission of a felony."
   Bunny readily admits to buying 2 gallons of industrial strength bleach, and spending approximately 9 hours cleaning up her apartment on the day after the murders. But according to sources close to the investigation, Bunny denies that this was in an effort to conceal the killings, and instead she contends that she just likes to keep a clean house. Co-workers who we contacted, who were initially surprised that Bunny was capable of such heinous crimes as she was quiet and mostly just kept to herself, described Bunny as being a fastidiously clean.
   The police report from the crime scene would tend to back up Bunny's account. According to police after the murders Bunny dragged the bodies out of her front door and simply left them stacked on the stairs, where they remained for several days. Asked why they didn't report three dead bodies lying in the street for almost 70 hours, the neighbors in this trendy college town, responded that they thought the three were "endurance planking", and several even joined in for a picture.

What you call meme, we call evidence of murder.