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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sycophants Wanted. Sucking-Up And Flattering Skills A Must.

Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, and Britney Spears have all been in the news as stars that had some amount of fame and then turned into train wrecks before our eyes. They came to ruin because they could not control their finances and had seemingly lost all contact with reality. They went over the edge, accompanied by a cadre of yes-men. Perhaps, if they had even one person in their corner who told them the truth, their ruin could have been avoided.
     I have long said, that when I get famous, I would have at least one friend to follow me around and keep me grounded. Somebody to let me know what was really going on around me. A voice of reason amongst all the boot lickers and hangers on. Now I say; Screw that!
(This is only a screenshot. Video won't play. Just sayin'.)
     Those stars that went crazy before our eyes? They didn't surround themselves with sycophants on accident. They systematically and intentionally got rid of anybody that didn't toe the line and tell them that they were the greatest thing ever. And do you know why?
     Because, it's frickin' great! People telling you how great and talented and funny you are, feels incredible! So I've completely changed my mind. From now on, if you aren't gonna tell me things I want to hear, I am not listening. If you are a delusional minion who would like to worship my awesomeness, apply now. The position doesn't really pay anything... yet. But when I do make it, I promise you will be able to accompany me on the downward trek to the poorhouse and then onto rehab.

And what a ride that will be. Good times.