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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dreaming And Collateral Damage.

Police spokesman Impossible Purple Smith said that nearly thirty subconscious beings were hurt or killed in a violent night of dreaming. Dream police are investigating crime scenes in several dream sequences that severely injured and even killed dozens of dream citizens. In a night of violence that the dream community hasn't seen since the fever dream of aught six, in which hundreds of citizens were transformed into zombies and then mowed down by a delirious Dreamer and his deadly bubblegum spewing machine gun.

   In the first incident of the night, the Dreamer killed several when the stunt he was performing, went awry. The motorcycle he was attempting to jump over fifty school buses with, transformed into a bulldozer in mid jump and crushed a busload of New Jerseyans who were on their way to Las Vegas to be Roy in the new Seigfreid and Roy show.

   Next the Dreamer was involved in a flying mishap. Ever since learning the secret of flight as a youngster, the Dreamer will periodically engage in unmanned flight. This dream started like all the others, with the Dreamer gently distributing his weight out over the air and slowly lifting up first one leg and then the other. After a few tentative pulls at the air, he began zooming around. Several onlookers copied the dreamer and also began to fly. Unfortunately, when the Dreamer flew into another dream sequence they lost the ability to fly, and many of them plummeted to their untimely deaths.

   In the last violent attack of the night, apparently fueled by a spicy food and pre-bed sci-fi reading, dozens more were killed and injured. The Dreamer spent a good portion of the night in a mutated version of the chapter he read before falling to sleep, and wielding a glowing obsidian sword, battled wave upon wave of citizens disguised as orc-like creatures. The crime scene is expansive and grisly, and the exact casualty numbers may not be known for some time.

   No charges are pending against the Dreamer, as he has ultimate diplomatic immunity. The dream prosecutor does intend to introduce feelings of inadequacy and failure into future dreams as a punitive measure.