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Monday, February 21, 2011

What is Wrong With You Lazy Jerks?!

"What are you guys doing? I can't believe how slow you are working. You are never going to get ahead with this kind of work ethic. STOP snickering! Don't you want to be like me? I started where you guys are now, but with determination and discipline, I worked my way into management. Don't you realize we are an important cog in the machine of our great society? If we fail at our jobs the terrorists might have as well won. Get to work, and work hard. Didn't your parents ever teach you about hard work? That is what is wrong with America today. It makes me sick. You are all so unmotivated. Where is your pride? Learn some self motivation! Take some pride in your work.
     Let me tell you a story. During World War II, the Germans really had the Allies back on their heels. They were getting their butts kicked all over the continent. It was because the the French and the English were lazy and stupid! Then the Americans showed up on the scene with their motivation, Esprit de Corps and atomic weapons and really kicked the crap out of those damn Krouts. Keep that in mind while you work, I'm sure it will inspire you like it has always inspired me. Yessirree, that WWII sure was inspiring.
     So, let's shift this whole paradigm. Think outside of our little box, turn our motivation up to eleven and get back to it. With some American know how and smarts we'll see this job through to the end. OK, everybody put your hands into the middle and give me a big 'yeah team'! Now get back into those stalls and scrub those toilets. The Akron Greyhound Bus Terminal is counting on us."