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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Crushing Minutiae, or Why I Don't Usually Write a Typical Blog.

I woke up on the downstairs futon (my wife is suffering from severe allergies and snoring) and could hear the baby crying. After a half an hour, it became clear nobody else was going to get him, so I got up. Darnit; I forgot to make coffee last night. Darnit, darnit; the baby already has a full diaper. Oh well, it's Sunday, I'll lounge around and then go to church. I change the baby, start the coffee and then sit down to watch the news. Floods, earthquakes, fires, tsunami's, and nuclear meltdowns, that was depressing.
     Oh man, I forgot I told Steve I would be at church early! My wife and baby decide to stay home, so the baby doesn't get sick again, he has been sick for a month. I load the older kids into the mini-van and head for church. The van is being very jinky, don't forget to talk to Mr. Carl about a car, pull into church Steve isn't there. It's next week, ugh. I see Mr. Carl and talk to him about cars, he said trying to find one in our price range (free-cheap) would be hard. After sending the boys to class, I go into the service, and the only place to sit is up front. Halfway through the service my nose starts running and I have to walk down the aisle with every one staring at me, get to the bathroom and realize why they were staring; fly was down. Walk back to my seat, look at the verses next to the ones we are studying and decide my wife needs to see them. Realize how hypocritical it is to show someone else the verses "judge not, less you be judged." On cue my wife calls, and every one in church hears it, because I forgot to turn off my phone.
     I brought the wrong car, my wife doesn't have a baby seat. She still had some work to do on a catering job. The car is really acting up, I am driving with the windows down and the heat on. Pick up the wife and the car almost dies, check engine light isn't just on, it is flashing. We decide to have breakfast while we are waiting for the car to cool down. Missed breakfast, have lunch and read the car ads in the paper. Oops, car ads are on Saturday. My wife gets the catering finished and we head home to clean out the car, we are going to have to trade it in, possibly today.
     Pull out my phone to call and ask my mom to watch the kids while my wife and I go car shopping. Phone rings. My mom is calling to say that my dad is on the way to the emergency room. He was in a mountain biking accident. Head to the hospital, stop and pick up a Consumer Reports first. No broken bones, he'll live, he's going to be sore... but he'll live. Doctor advises he not run into any more metal gates. Narrow the car search down to three models. My mom says we can borrow her car until we get a new one, but asks that we not use it as a trade in (spoilsport.)
     First car dealership doesn't have any "base models" the closest thing is in four wheel drive with a thousand dollar chrome package. But, WOW! It's only about $5000 out of our price range but it is nice. The kids help the negotiation process by telling the salesman, "we love this car, can we buy it now?" On our way to the next dealership, my wife suggests I not tell the salesman our car is dying. Probably a good idea, but I think the the fact that we have to push it into the dealership is a giveaway. They might actually pay us to not trade it in. The next car is nicer looking and bigger and more in our price range, and... isn't as good and engine or as solid. The last car on our list isn't open on Sundays (Godless heathens). We will have to continue the car search tomorrow.
     Time for dinner. The wing restaurant by our house doesn't have any seats, apparently there is a WWE event tonight; REALLY?! People still watch wrestling? Whatever, different strokes. We try the To-Go wing restaurant. They screw up the order three times and take twenty minutes. The kids order is burned and our fries have sugar on them instead of salt. We spend twenty minutes looking for a lost library book, that nobody seems to have ever seen. I give up. Everybody go to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better...