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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flames that burn twice as bright, can only burn for half as long.

A nation is united in grief tonight, as we mourn the tragic loss of many of our premiere young souls. In an instant (more or less) they were no more. Future local, state, and national, political, economic and scientific leaders, now only a memory. The hole that is left in the next generation will be impossible to fill. Our young people will be cast adrift on the cold ocean of this age, without their moral compasses, intellectual rudders, spiritual sails or captains of industry. Alas, we are done for.
     If only it hadn't rained that fateful night, at the annual Gathering of the Juggalo's. If only these exemplary examples of kindness and dignity had brought tents. If only just one person had taken the time to explain to these paragon's of virtue, to close their mouths when they gazed at the celestial precipitation. Perhaps then, thousands of our best and brightest wouldn't have had to drown.
     It may just be that such bright points of brilliance were never destined to shine on this dreary planet. Now they are in the nebulous firmament where they belong. The world won't be the same without them.

In Memoriam:
Future Senator from Georgia
Future Yale Debate Team
Future Poet Laureate and Top Stock Trader
Future Supreme Court Justice
Future Qwest CFO and Top Cancer Researcher