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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Several More Of My, Previously, Unnamed Phobias


The fear that you are going to be gruesomely murdered in a failed robbery attempt at your local Krispy Kreme at the hands of a former child actor, who now is incurably addicted to shooting up cough syrup and sniffing glue.


The debilitating fear that gravity will suddenly reverse itself and you will plummet into the sky. The fear manifests itself in the constant looking up to see if there is something to grab onto when said occurrence happens, resulting in the avoidance of being in wide open, untree'ed areas.


The fear that you are really a highly trained sleeper agent/assassin and that one day you are going to be activated and have to kill some high profile person that you actually like, and you are going to have to forsake your current life and everybody is going to try and kill you, and you just wanted to sit at home and watch the football game.