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Sunday, October 30, 2011

That Is The Crappiest Costume Ever!

You stink.
I generally support my children's desire to be individuals. And I encourage them to express themselves creatively. Halloween is always an interesting time around my house, with my boys changing their minds about what costume they are going to wear, at least 15 or 20 times... a day.
     But this morning when the two and a half year old came down the stairs dressed as one of the kids from William Golding's Lord Of The Flies, I had to put my foot down.
     First of all those kids were murderous little examples of ignorance and hate. Secondly, being nude in public is not acceptable in this day and age. And third, using fecal matter as body paint is simply going to far. I mean, I admire his effort to get into character, but it's just not sanitary. He'll just have to pick another costume.
     After he showers.
Are you sure this is safe to wear on our faces?