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Monday, November 5, 2012

Mudslinging For Fun And Profit.

Don't vote for my opponent, he is the worst person ever.
I'm the worst person ever?
I'm worse than Alec Baldwin?
And Hitler and Stalin. Combined.

There you go again, engaging in wild hyperbole. Just slinging mud instead of talking about the real issues.
Issues?! Let's talk issues. You are in favor of euthanizing anybody over 50.
You think death row inmates should have to fight to the death for our viewing pleasure.
More mud.
You think polygamy should be mandatory.
Muddy muddy mud mud.
You are in favor of government funded prostitution and recreational drug use.
Mounds of mud. Marshes of mud. Mega Martian mountains of mud.
You are a satanist.
You're eyes are turning brown, you're so full of mud.
You want to start a nuclear war.
Mud. I ask you again, do you want someone who talks about things that affect you, or just slings mud?
I don't think that word means what you think it means. It's not mud if it's true.

The truth? I don't think you know what the truth is.
And you don't know what sanity is, you nutjob.
Again with the attacks. You people deserve better. Somebody who isn't just running a negative campaign.
Negative? I got all this stuff off of your website. Word for word.
Probably got hacked.
It says it on your flyer.
A smear campaign.
You're wearing a T-Shirt that says it.
I got reverse mugged.
You have it tattooed on your face and neck.

OK. Suppose I do stand for those things. What about you? Where do you stand on those issues?
I'm opposed to ALL of them.
See?! That is such a lazy, pedantic, rote answer. You didn't even give them a second of thought.
You don't have to think about them, they're certifiable.
See?! My opponent doesn't think. All he's really good at, is casting wild dispersions.
Euthanizing people isn't a good idea. Ever.
Not even Zombies? You hear that? My opponent is in the pocket of the big zombie lobby.
There's no such thing.
Lobbyists don't exist huh? Wink, wink. Proof that my opponent is a serial liar!
You are out of your mind.
You would know. I'm sure the zombies tell you who has the big juicy brains and who doesn't.
I am not having this discussion with you anymore.

See?! My opponent is is afraid to talk about the issues.
Zombies are not an issue.
My opponent doesn't think that the undead, eating his constituents brains is a big deal.
This debate is over. I refuse to talk to you anymore.
My opponent is afraid to debate me.
No, I'm not. You're a loon. When you go to the polls, vote for me; Bob Kahn;  I'm not insane.
No. Vote for me; Betsy "McCrazypants" Jones. I'm not a zombie. Plus, my plan eliminates taxes and shrinks the national debt.