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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Dirty Underbelly Of The Blogging Universe.

A man stumbles out into a crowded train station and collapses melodramatically, while proclaiming in a raspy semi-shout, "Blogs are people."
   Sadly, this reenactment of an entirely fictional event is true. Blogs are people. Even HILL BLOCKS VIEW, that paragon of all that is good and holy, is made up of people. Not actual people, mind you. Pretend people and concepts, that wander around in my brain, until they get lost and end up on a computer screen. I rarely say anything remotely resembling the truth. At the very most I will take a concept from real life and take it to it's most illogical conclusion; what would happen if everybody acted in a completely idiotic way.
   Like everybody else, my kids say funny stuff and they make me laugh. I also get pissed at the morons that I am inhabiting planet Earth with. For some odd reason, I have little desire to write about this stuff. Instead, I pathologically lie about stupid imaginary crap. I have lost readers because my alter ego is a misogynistic thoughtless drunkard. I'm really not. I am a mostly boring hard-working happily married christian guy that dotes on my kids. But that isn't funny. A guy that hates pants and gets drunk at inappropriate times, that's funny. If I really was that knucklehead I pretend to be, I would barely be able to breathe, much less write.
   Why am I pulling back the curtain? I dunno. One because I rarely discuss the actual process of blogging and two because I am often asked why I don't write about this situation or that. Why don't I write about being a christian or about that funny thing that my kid said? Because I don't. I write what makes me laugh in my head. And I laugh a lot. So rest assured, you are not supporting a serial killer, child abuser, philanderer, fall down drunk, tin foil wearing crazy or anything else unsavory. Just a wannabe writer.
   Speaking of writing. I want to thank Violet http://gratuitousviolet.blogspot.com/, Addman http://muppetsforjustice.blogspot.com/ and Shay http://shannan-afterwife.blogspot.com for bequeathing, not a boot to the head, but blogging awards to me. The rules of these things generally state that you publicly thank the person that gave you the award; check. Next that you link back to their sites; I'm assuming by the time I post this this will be in the affirmative category. Often you are supposed to say some stuff about yourself; check and check. And lastly you are supposed to nominate other people for awards. Here we go. In no particular order.

http://muppetsforjustice.blogspot.com/ Addman wins again. With reason. He is funny. And original.
http://art-poems-stories.blogspot.com/ Young Alex is creative and introspective and sweet.
http://joshmeares.blogspot.com/ Musings Of The "Stupidest Smart Guy I know" Christian. Smart. Real.
http://www.troytown.org/ My cousin. Living abroad for a year. Wants to be a writer. He's good.
http://scoopsrant.blogspot.com/ My all time favorite blogger. He disappeared. He might be back. I hope.
http://gratuitousviolet.blogspot.com/ Vulgar and funny and authentic. Been super supportive of me.
http://dronetalker.blogspot.com/ Everything I don't like. But he did sarcastic better than most. Smart too.
http://dirtycowgirl.blogspot.com/ Foulmouthed and inappropriate. Good storyteller. Always supported me.
http://tryst-with-the-shutter-bug.blogspot.com/ Interesting guy who travels a lot and takes fantastic pics.
http://greg-scott.blogspot.com/ Greg is weird. That's high praise in my book. A tad sacrilegious. Just a tad.
http://psychobabblingbasher2.blogspot.com/ Intelligent and empathetic. Always been great to me.
http://kevinrouthpoetry.blogspot.com/ Shards. Creative prose and well written poetry.
http://thewordthoughtsblog.blogspot.com/ Expounds on one word per post. Always fun.
http://hyperthetically.blogspot.com/ Creative and artistic and weird and pessimistic and smart.
http://shannan-afterwife.blogspot.com/  Shay has given me two awards already. But, she's good too.
http://aarongiesler.com/ Personal friend. Pastor. Trying to be a real person and serve God. Funny. Real.