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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Worlds Worst Inventor 2.0.

I have always looked at cars with deeply tinted windows, with envy. Especially Limousines. In my minds eye I always picture some awesome scene out an eighties hair metal band's video or a Cinemax movie featuring any combination of the words Bikini, Spring Break, Bachelor and Party.

   So I invented a pair of glasses that allowed me to see through tinted glass as though it weren't there. Unfortunately, I discovered nothing fun ever really happens in the back of a Limo. It is always a boring businessman on his way to a corporate event. Or a bunch of awkward teenagers on their way to homeschool prom. Or the most boringest of all, a wedding (or it's ugly cousin, the funeral.)

   So I threw those stupid glasses in the trash and bought a pair of video-glasses that play an endless loop of Warrant's Cherry Pie and Poison's Unskinny Bop. Now every tinted window I see is a nonstop Mega-party. The one unfortunate side effect is that my crashing to arriving-safely-at-my-destination ratio has gone way up.