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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby's First Post

This is not the post I was going to write. I was originally going to write a post about sports and suffering and existential angst and whatnot.While I got up to chase our new diarrhea prone kitten around the house, Jack who has never passed up an opportunity to play on an unattended laptop, typed:
     What a pottymouth! I guess we know what kind of blogger he is going to be. Some edgy, foul mouthed hater. Like the world needs one more of those, Jack. Instead of being so negative, why not look at all the wonderful things out there. There is YouTube, where you can watch surprised cats and smoking babies. There is Lady Gaga and TMZ. No? You don't like that stuff? How about the weather? People love to talk about the weather... Not so good right now, lots of floods and hurricanes and blizzards.
      No. He doesn't even watch TV. (Can't believe he's my kid, his brothers came out of the womb with a remote control in their hands.) Maybe he's making some grand statement on the human condition. I've got a little philosopher on my hands. "We all live in crap", he is saying. Other peoples sin and ickiness are weighing us down in the mire and filth. Unless we get rid of the emotional excrement inside of us we can never achieve our full potential. He can write a book and lead us all into the promise land free of "poo". Oh I can see it now, Jack my little...
   Phew what is that smell? Oh, that is awful; Jack come here. Ugh, gotta run.