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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fatal Brain Clouds (and naughty bits falling off)

ATTENTION family and friends. I come bearing a dire warning. A recent study from the Aioli Medical Institute, alerts us to a disease that is now affecting millions of people around the world. This new disorder makes cell phones causing cancer and genetically altered food causing... well, causing cancer, seem like a common cold sore. Selfishblogintakeitis, is sweeping through the (cyber)world with terrifying results.
     When you read a blog by one of your friends or family, the content of that blog gets inside your brain, and that undesseminated content can have devastating consequences. The content simply has to be spread around or it can be deadly. The content of a nationally syndicated or hugely popular blog is already diluted to the point that it is safe for human consumption. In the case of one of your friends or a struggling new blogger, the words fly off the screen in a super-concentrated form, (much like a baby rattle snake) and must be made safe by sharing them.
     The safest and simplest way to keep yourself from harm is to not read any blogs. But, hey this is the modern age, and one the perks is enjoying a cleverly written blog. If a blog is accidentally injested, you may protect yourself by informing the blogger that he is a moron, that he couldn't write himself out of a wet digital bag, that he is a simpering idiot, an unfunny whiny wuss that can defeated with an unkind word about his looks and questioning of his sexual orientation. Spread that poison back to the person who infected you in the first place.
     A less venomous method, is to inform some person who hadn't heard of the blogger, about the nifty-neato web site that you are now following with baited breath. Also, bloggers often use social networking sites, like Facebook, to announce that they have posted a new blog. And, an extremely quick way to gain relief from the pressure of those words building up in your brain, is to simply click "like" in Facebook.
     The most direct and appreciated approach is the comment section, conveniently provided by most of your modern day, legitimate blog-sites. A short word or two, letting your favorite cousin, nephew, or friend know that you think he is funny and clever, will ease your suffering. (And the blogger's as well - who is wondering if anybody reads or appreciates his writing)
     A final warning, friends. Even if you avoid the Fatal Brain Cloud associated with this disease, other side effects have been reported. Testicular Atrophication being the most common. (Oddly enough, this affects women as well.) So, be careful. Partake in safe blogging, read all you can handle, BUT don't keep it all to yourself. Spread it around, let (me) someone know what you think. The life you save might just be your own.