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Thursday, January 27, 2011

X-TREME!!!!! (Ooh, I think I pulled something.)

YEEAAARGH!!! What's up?! I am all up in your face! X-treme! Whoo! Yeah! Remember the dark ages when being extreme was reserved for the fringes?  Dennis Rodman, Sid Vicious, and Betty Page were car wrecks on the side of the road of society. The squares didn't want to be a part of it, but they couldn't take their eyes off of it. Not anymore. Now basketball players have more ink than Office Depot, Green Day is on Broadway, and even good little christian girls are rocking Bettie Page haircuts, tats and pin-up clothes.

     These days we are X-TREME twenty-four, seven. Our sodas are X-treme. Our movies, music and video games are X-treme. Our sports, comic books and rays are all X (which is short for X-Treme). We don't need to be doin' no correct spellin', that kinda thinkin' sux. It's old school, but not the good old school, like classic rap, it's crappy old school like something old that you learned in school. And, that sux. So, screw that. X-treme! Whoo! Our tattoo's are on our necks and faces, our piercings are HUGE. We all want to work at tattoo parlors and head shops, FOREVER. (I can't wait 'til I can open my own, and I can stop washing dishes at Denny's.)
     I just wish all the posers would get off my scene, though. Every single dude in my class looks the same way, except for that one loser with no ink, or hardware.What a douche. He isn't even trying to be original like the rest of us. He doesn't have black skinny jeans under his butt, or wear 80's punk t-shirts, or live out Jack-Ass. X-treme is a way of life. You should all just get with it. 'Cause if it's too X-treme you're too old! Or have a job, or a family, or ambition, or an education, or manners, or plans for your future self, or something equally lame.
     *OK, I got off on a tangent there I didn't intend to. Worse it wasn't that funny. Young people don't suck, except for the pants thing; HOLY CRAP, pull your pants up!
    Eventually the "in your face" thing gets old. X-treme, is spelled extreme and soda is just soda, no matter how it is marketed. When you are rebelling against the man, which marketing firm came up with the image you imitate? Comedy doesn't have to push every boundary of decency to be funny. A facial tattoo is cool; if you're Mike Tyson and already bat-crap crazy. Not every thing that is fringe, wild or hip needs to be mainstream. Frat/redneck deviant behavior can stay there. Porn stars aren't really that cool. Being literate is fun. Yesterdays punks could take out their safety pins and shave off the mohawks and have grown up lives, what about you? Are you still going to X-TREME(!!!!!!!) when you are forty nine?