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Monday, January 10, 2011

Uncivility and Consequences

While I was writing the previous post, a whackjob in Arizona killed some people who he considered "The Enemy". All I can say is, SEE?! Today on the talk shows, the discussion dujour was all about civility. The pundits were all up in arms about how we treat each other. Will things change? I doubt it. The thing is; most of us only have a problem when the uncivil behavior is directed at someone we like. It isn't so offensive when the president we didn't vote for is called Hitler. We all spend way to much demonizing each other, dehumanizing each other. This time it was a crazy conservative, but libs talk as if conservatives are killing the poor and eating them for dinner.
     Oftentimes, Christians aren't any better. Obviously, the abhorrent Hillsboro God Hates Fags Church, tops the list of how not to do things. But, I have to tell you I don't think that the conservative talk show guys display ANY of the descriptors of love from Corinthians. They aren't patient or kind, they boast for a living, on and on down the list. On all counts they are pretty much opposite. I am not saying that we have to (Kumbaya) get along, or accept everything, or agree on anything. Let's just not be so ugly.
     I, personally, have changed my attitude on political civility, recently. I watched the ways that liberals treated Bush. (He is SATAN.) I was amazed how that everything he did was interpreted as evil, "did you see that? He sneezed at a foreign press dinner, he might as well shot him in the face." And then Obama got elected, and the very same comments started coming from the other side. Well, I for one, don't want to be part of that anymore. I got off the crazy train. Obama isn't Stalin reincarnate. Bush isn't Hitler. I will still vote the way that I usually do, I just don't need to incite a riot on my way.

*UPDATE: June 2, 2011. Many A few of you pointed out that this isn't a funny post, and this is ostensibly a humor blog. Well, it was humorous how sincere I was. Also it was humorous to me, at how all my liberal friends were like "yeah, I totally agree" and then continued to post vitriol. Apparently it is only divisive if the other political party puts it out. And then I had some conservative friends that pointed out, that the gunman didn't even listen to political radio. I have proof this wasn't the case. The gunman took a picture before the rampage and I have analyzed it and here is what I found.
     The gunman is naked except for a red thong and two handguns. Very symbolic. He is saying the liberal government has stripped him of his rights. And what color are conservative states? Red. And what do thongs do? They divide, just like talk radio. And what do they cover? Privates. Private citizens, not illegals. And the guns? They're just guns, don't try and read something into everything, you freak!