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...long live, Hill Blocks View. I miss writing. But the thought of one more round of "welcome backs", or obsessing over stats, or thinking of the clever response to a comment, or the obligation to read everyone else's blog... not so much. So I'll try and write. No pressure. If you feel the need to respond, you can email me. I like email. flipaul@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Will Write No More Forever, Non-Satirically

I tried to be sincere. And heartfelt, and not snarky. Oooh, bad move. I almost got run out of town on a rail. People are in their ruts, they don't want anybody telling them they ought to be civil. "Be civil? Screw you", they said. "When we want to stupid opinion will tell you what it is, blog boy". "Now dance monkey, dance; and say something funny while you're at it". I get it. I will never pontificate again. Dig in to your respective sides and sing songs of morale and victory, "Yeah us!", "You guys suck!" I no longer care. I will take my talents somewhere they will be appreciated, (if anyone says Brokeback Mountain, we're gonna fight) I am going to start a roller derby for blind debutantes that weigh 5 spins (and their dogs of course).
     I am turning over a new leaf, and will only write snarkily... Wait, that was the way I was writing originally. So I will turn the new leaf over to the old side, and write with extra snark. I will unturn the leaf of the sincere writing back to the other side. The side where I just mainly write to amuse myself, and think "hee hee, I am SO clever." That side, the new-old-new leaf side. How many sides do leaves have again? Who cares, I'm back. Yeah me! (You still suck.)