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Friday, January 21, 2011

I Get It, I Guess.

Often times in my short life (OK, not that short) I have questioned why God in his infinite wisdom would create men and women with such different sex drives. This has caused endless fights between otherwise happily married couples. Libraries of books have been written to help fix the problem. An entire industry exists solely to help people have a mutually satisfying sex life. Not to mention the pharmaceutical solutions being sought. Why would God do this?!
     Then I really thought about it. If men and women had the same sex drive, we would all be dead by now. No one would ever leave the bedroom. Nobody would eat, drink or... anything. Everyone would call in to work everyday, kids would all have to fend for themselves and our houses would have all fallen down in disrepair. And if you extrapolate that desire to the whole of humanity, back through the entirety of history, I have to acknowledge that there is a method to the madness. Nothing would have been accomplished... ever. No great works of art. No amazing feats of engineering. The entire human race would just have sex and then die, having accomplished nothing. A pointless (but rather entertaining) time on earth, no better than salmon.
     Although, in fairness, there wouldn't be time for wars. And we would probably all live in a warm tropical climate, because we wouldn't have time for shelter building. I wouldn't have to suffer through the trend of pants that you wear underneath your butt. And no commercials for pharmaceutical solutions to “intimacy” problems. I guess that wouldn't be all bad.
     No. No. My point is, it was good that God made us this way. Otherwise we would have amounted to nothing as a species. We would be the lazy forty year old still living in the basement, playing Final Fantasy XVI and listening to Pink Floyd, WITH the addition of an equally loser girlfriend. Instead, God created us with a built in motivation; you have to work to win the affection of a suitable female; (translation: somebody who will have you) you have to prove to her that you are worthy.
     So, since I doubt that things are going to change, I am looking forward to a long and productive life with my wife. I will, eat, sleep, work and write; and occasionally my wife and I will go on vacation and… well, you know... sleep late. Because there won't be any kids. Now there is something we share a desire for.