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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anarchist Organizer.

I think the key to making money, is to find a niche that isn't being filled and fill it. (Coincidentally, this same philosophy will get you arrested by an undercover officer during a prostitution sting.) I saw that the Anarchists kept showing up at world events but that they were always in disarray. They needed some help, some leadership. I stepped into the void and started Anarchists Unite. My plan was to organize the Anarchists.

   But I met resistance at every turn. It's like they actually enjoyed chaos. I tried to lead them, but they seemed naturally opposed to authority. I set up some really informative lectures on the proper way to disrupt a Geo-political financial summit, accompanied with some nice cucumber sandwiches and a tea, but they insisted on lighting a Wal-Mart on fire instead.
   I finally gave up. I decided to just bill them for the services I had already performed and call it good enough. I printed up a nice detailed invoice and handed it to SlyDog, a slight young man wearing a mask and carrying a brick. He taped it to the brick, lit it on fire and threw it at a cop car. Maybe I'll try somebody else.

   I printed another and gave it to Lightning Lulu, she crumbled it up and ate it, said she would deliver it to her lower colon for approval. Finally. Somebody reasonable. I hope her colon hurries up and processes that, I really need the money.