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Friday, April 20, 2012

Reviewer of Parking Lots.

I think the key to making money, is to become an expert about some random subject and then sell your knowledge to the highest bidder. My particular knowledge is about parking lots. They are my passion, my every waking thought is about either beer or parking lots. They inhabit my dreams, sometimes as lovely feel good dreams of wide, smooth, rich black asphalt, and generous well marked spaces but more often than not as nightmare of the faded, bumpy, illogically one-way, too small space.

   I have created a newsletter detailing the best and worst of parking lots. Available for three easy payments of  $29.95... per month. In this months issue, I review the Home Depot parking lot by my house. And the Whole Foods parking lot by my house. And the bowling alley parking lot. By my house.

   In it I will share with you the highlights of extra wide spaces, and the lowlights of insane shopping cart guy, also amusing anecdotes of the parking lot world. My favorite one ever is, a car lot having only three parking spaces in front of the parts department, but the sign over the spaces says Ample Parking. I know! Ample parking. Those jokers.