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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Illiteracy Advocate.

I think the key to making money, is knowledge. Or the lack thereof. I was thinking, why does everybody have to read and write? Why do we as a society, feel the need to press everybody into the same mold? If you don't feel like reading or writing, who are we to make you? Be different. So instead of trying to make them literate I thought, why not lobby to make life easier for them.

   We started off with picketing the Department of Motor Vehicles, because it isn't fair that people have to read and write to drive. This was an abject failure. Never trust illiterates to make their own picket signs. Plus the employees at the DMV were nearly as illiterate and thought that we were advertising for the new chicken restaurant down the street.

   I then encouraged my wards to write their congressmen and demand that all bills should be available for review in a pictograph format. Or possibly a books on tape, read by James Earl Jones or that Moviephone guy. Again, the letters didn't work out so well. Not one letter actually reached a congressman, although Edna did hand deliver a brick, and got maced for her trouble.

   We were going to have a march on city hall. I sent everybody a letter about what time to show up and a map of our protest route. Not one of those selfish jerks even bothered to show up! I was left to protest all by myself, I looked foolish. Also they haven't paid any of the bills I sent them. No wonder people treat them like second class citizens. I hate those dumb bastards.