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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Meal Content Coordinator

I think the key to making money, is to go into a career that pays well. I got a job at the McDonalds corporate office, coordinating the toys and themes in their happy meals. I thought it would be a dream job. I simply had to watch movies, which were set to open soon, and match them up with Happy meal toys. Simple right?

    I thought that Finding Nemo would be a slam dunk home run. However, the legal department vetoed the live Sea Urchins. Too dangerous. And substituting clown fish for chicken nuggets was in poor taste, they thought. And even I had to admit the Squid Ink Milkshake was pretty awful.

  Shrek? Found a compound that changes skin color to a lovely shade of green. I thought it was brilliant. What did the legal department focus on? People might not like their children being turned permanently chartreuse. But what did the kids think? Well they didn't like it very much either.

   My third strike came because I figured superheroes would be a safe bet. But there were more than a couple of complaints about the superman cape that purported to really helped you fly. If you're not smart enough to understand physics before you jump off the roof of your split level ranch... well just sue me.
   And they did.