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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Idiots For Books For Idiots.

Books for idiots have sold alot of books: probably like 50 or a gazillion, i'm not sure, i'm not very good with my letters and other math stuff but, they sure do right alot of them - they're are book for idiots and computers and book for idiots on internets and a book on the world white web and other book for brain's surgery and like 7 other one. Literally a tons; And up until last day i worked they're for money; i worked in that part of the place that was inside and they told me two red the book too sea if i understand it; that taked two long for those yelly guys and sew they readed it for me but not in there heads; and then that guy with shoes and that other guy that also had shoes axed me if i was infirmed about the subjects they had told me; i told them i still wasn't sure how too put a log into the top of my lap with a puss wart? They says I am isn't as smart as a idiot, and kicked me outside of the inside part; then after they told me I wasn't gotten any monies from them but gave me a book for instead; they telled me i should read the words inside of the book before i do other stuffs.