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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Parkour Middle Age Introductory Class.

The first time I saw somebody free running I was amazed. It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen, and I wished I had known something like that existed when I was a kid. I had run obstacle courses when I was in the Marines, but the whole flipping over railings, vaulting picnic tables and running up walls was totally next level. Shows like Ninja Warrior only made me more excited. And if I was stoked about it, I'm sure there were other middle aged guys feeling the same way. But I guess we missed the boat on this craze, we were just too old.
   Or were we? Maybe if I had a class that introduced Parkour to oldish fellows, I could learn some tricks and make some cash at the same time. Old guys have disposable cash, and guys never think they're too old for dangerous stuff. I'll just download some YouTube Parkour videos and then me and my class will try and replicate the stunts in the video. What could go wrong?

Epilogue. A lot could go wrong.
1) I lost half the class on the first stunt; jumping over the hood of a car. But that was mostly my fault, if I would have been paying attention I would have noticed the cars in the video were stationary, and not attempted this on the local highway.
2) When jumping over walls, it is important not just too make sure that you can clear the wall, but also what is on the other side, and that you are not, for instance, jumping into a guard dog training school.
3) We probably shouldn't have picked the Hell's Angels family picnic to practice table vaulting. They were a might perturbed when we knocked over all the molded Jell-O desserts.
4) Jumping from apartment building to apartment building is probably best left to the professionals.
5) An incorrectly timed rail jump is an excellent and cheap method of DIY vasectomy.