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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mermaid Modifications.

People are totally in love with mermaids again. I haven't seen this much mermaid love, since everybody in the world named their daughter Madison after Darryl Hannah in Splash. There has been people buying into mermaid hoax videos and just a general fascination with all things mermaid. But for the first time in history, instead of just dreaming about mermaids, you can be one. Come to Flip's Mermaid Modification, and we will turn you into a mermaid.
   It's a simple 36 hour surgery where we simply saw a dolphin in half, and graft the bottom half to where your legs used to be. Shark lungs and gills complete the procedure. And then you can frolic in the ocean to your hearts content. And the best part? No more pants. Assuming you survive the operation. That nobody has survived yet. You'll probably be the first.