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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Koala Knife Fights.

It’s impossible to find good animal based entertainment these days. Michael Vick gave dog fighting a black eye, and PETA has done their best to take the fun out of everything else, from cock fighting to monkey chainsaw battles. But I think I might have just found a solution to my doldrums. Taco Bell has recently decided Koala and Eucalyptus burritos are actually pretty unpalatable, and now they have to unload a herd of surplus Koalas.
   What I know of Koalas I learned online, it seems that they are a cross between a piranha and a wolverine. I’ll start an underground koala fight club and sell tickets to watch and bet on the bloodbath. I’ll tie knives to their already dangerous paws and throw two of the bloodthirsty little bastards in a ring and let them fight it out. The victor will eat the heart of the loser. If I could just get them to wake up.

It's the cold dead eyes.