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Monday, April 1, 2013

Author Of Best Selling Book. Reasonably Good Selling. Marginal Seller. Poor. OK, I Haven't Sold A Single Copy.

When I decided to attempt the A-Z challenge this year, I thought about coming up with an original concept that would entertain my readers while helping me stay focused for a month of everyday writing. Then I decided; why start now? I've never entertained readers, and I've never been original, or focused. Last year I wrote about all the jobs I've had, looking for my fortune. And this year will be no different. (Maybe a little different. I mean this year has a 13 in it's title, whereas last year didn't.) 
   When I thought of all the jobs I could list for the letter A, author wasn't the first thing that came to mind. It isn't as glamorous as some of the other A jobs I've had, like amateur gigolo, (which oddly enough, didn't pay anything) art model at a nudist colony (not needed, they claimed), or apocalypse insurance salesman (impossible to collect on, I was told), but it is the one that encompasses all of the others. On their own, those experiences are just failure after failure; a mans dream of becoming a thousandaire slowly dying.
   But, put those experiences in a talented writers hand, (my mom says I'm talented.) and they become chapters in a sure to be best selling book, I'm Not Rich. You Can Be Too. The story of a young man who wasn't afraid to work. (Too stupid? Possibly.) 
   For too long they have been writing books FOR Dummies and FOR Idiots. I say that it's about time we turned the tables 360º on them. I'm Not Rich. You Can Be Too. will be the first in the new line of books to be published in the Books BY Idiots series. Which will quickly be followed by Books BY Dummys, and the cheap knockoff Boks BY Morans. 
   Order now. Well not now, now. It isn't finished yet. Kinda not even started, if you want to get right down to it. But when it's finished, I'll be a famous author. I'll sell literally tens of books.