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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jalapeño Holistic Body Products.

*flip is currently chronicling his attempts to get rich. Oddly enough, flip's exploits are being recounted alphabetically. (That's A-Z, for the uninitiated.) flip is also referring to himself in the third person. ' Cause flip's just cool like that. 

Holistic body products are a multi-billion dollar, a year, industry. If I can take even a tiny piece of that pie, I will be, like, double wide trailer rich. And I think I found my niche.
   I love jalapeños. I love the spicy burn they provide to food. From my morning breakfast cereal, to my milkshake after dinner and everything in between, jalapeños add a little kick that makes everything more better. I recently found out on the internet, that the reason people like spicy food is that capsaicin (the secret ingredient in hot peppers) causes your brain to release dopamine which makes the brain happy. 
   So, I came up with some holistic body products that are made from jalapeños. You'll be double happy using my products, Holy Jalapeño Hot Body. One because they are holistically 100% all natural, and two because they will release dopamine. It's a, "can't fail idea."

*WARNING! There is a full recall involving all Holy Jalapeño Hot Body products. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANY HOLY JALAPEÑO PRODUCTS! Third degree burns occur wherever the products are applied. The recall covers all products, including: hair dye, eyeliner, lotion,  face cream, underarm deodorant, toilet paper, feminine products, prophylactics, bunion cream, soothing body wash, baby shampoo, q-tips, tanning lotion, suppositories, lingerie, athletic supporters, shaving cream, brazilian bikini wax, jewelry, band-aids, hemorrhoid cream, and anti-acid formula.