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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Card Shark.

You won't find a pokier face anywhere. 

I was flipping through the channels one late night when I stumbled across a show featuring a bunch of indoor sunglasses, earphones and hoodie wearing guys taking other peoples money. And it was legal!     
   Hey, I like wearing sunglasses inside! (Yes, I'm am just that douchey.) And I like taking other peoples money, especially if I can't go to jail for it. I found my path to riches! I decided to become a card shark. 
   To become a card shark, you need two main traits; the ability to count cards, and a good poker face. Check and check. thirty-nine times out of forty-two I can count to fifty-two. AND nobody has a pokier face than me. My nose is pokey, my chin is pokey, my stubble is pokey, hell; even my cheekbones are pokey. I am gonna be the best card shark ever.

*UPDATE: It didn't go well. Evidently, everybody knows there are fifty two cards in a deck. And even worse, some of those guys almost seemed to know what cards had been played. And having a pokey face didn't help out at all. For some reason those other guys always knew if I had a good hand or not. It was almost like they could read the expressions in my face or something. My poker career is over. It's probably just as well, I never once got to yell "UNO!" or "go fish!"