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Monday, April 29, 2013

YOLO Inspired Merchandise.

*flip is currently chronicling his attempts to get rich. Oddly enough, flip's exploits are being recounted alphabetically. (That's A-Z, for the uninitiated.) flip is also referring to himself in the third person. ' Cause flip's just cool like that.

You can't swing a dead a cat at crackhead these days without running into that insipid phrase, YOLO. It supposedly means You Only Live Once, but the way that todays whiny, emasculated, twit applies it, it might as well mean I'm a pansy and I think that dancing on the hood of my car at sunset at the beach, is REALLY living, but only if some takes a pictogram of it and uses a nice blocky sans serif to insert some weak cliche. Oh, that's YOLO for sure, brah. Screw that, and your ridiculous pink YOLO T-shirt.

   If you're really going to use and market that phrase, we have got to stop being all sissified. You want to market something that really goes with YOLO? How about my YOLO self immolation kit? Only $35.99. Or my YOLO cyanide capsule, for a limited time only $99.95. Or the YOLO anvil in a parachute pack, $500. If you purchase any of the preceding items I present the YOLO funeral, for the low, low price of $4,500. Now that's how you YOLO, you little hipster spaz.